This menu heading will be used to identify and prepare articles about persons involved in events in which Cornelius Harnett played a role.

Articles posted:
Samuel Adams
Thomas Burke
Richard Caswell
[King] George III
John Harvey
Robert Howe
John Alexander Lillington
Royal GovernorJosiah Martin
John Penn
Royal Governor William Tryon
Edward Vail

Articles Pending
–Phillip Alston
–John Ashe
–Samuel Ashe
–Isaac Barr
–Henry Clinton
–[Lord] Cornwallis
–James H.Craig
–William Richie Davie
–Arthur Dobbs
–John Hewes
–Joseph Hewes
–Samuel Johnston
–Allen Jones
–Thomas Jones
–John Kitchen
–[Captain] Lobb
–Alexander Martin
–James Moore
–[General] Donald MacDonald
–Archibald McLaine
–Alfred Moore
–James Moore
–Abner Nash
–Josiah Quincy, Jr.
–Richard Dobbs Spaight
–John Stuart [Lord Bute]
–Charles Townshend
–Hugh Waddell
–George Washington
–John Williams

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