Cornelius Harnett Memorial Display

Cornelius Harnett Memorial Display

The above photo was taken in October 2012 after three additions were made to the Cornelius Harnett Memorial Display.  On the short wall near the door on the right, there are additions that are covered in a later article entitled “The Dunlap Broadside and Narrative.”  The article includes a copy of the broadside presented by sponsor Sam Hummel, framed and protected with museum quality glass. The text of the narrative was put in final form by sponsor Glenn Hood.  On the extreme left is a plaque stating that the Display was provided to the County of Harnett from The Rotary Club of Lillington, a copy of which appears at the end of this paragraph.     These additions were placed on October 12, 2012 by Harnett County employees Chris Johnson, Facility Maintenance Director and Scott Guy, Maintenance Technician.
The remainder of this article is about the main display on the large wall to the left.
The Rotary Club of Lillington sought and obtained permission from the Board of Commissioners of Harnett County to display the three enhanced drawings by Don J. Long, together with captions and narratives, on the second floor of the Harnett County Courthouse. As shown above the display area is on a side wall of the entrance way leading to four courtrooms and the Jury Assembly area on the second floor of the Courthouse.

After permission by the County of Harnett was granted to the Rotary Club of Lillington, a display that included an 8 foot wide by 2 foot high caption was prepared, three narratives on boards 16 inches wide by 19 inches high explaining each illustration developed by the sponsors to this Web site were put in final form by sponsor Glenn Hood, and a board 80 inches wide by 16 inches high was prepared to hang below the narratives for the illustrations which contain three additional narratives about Cornelius Harnett. This work was prepared by Rich and Jay Calabrese of Innovative Sign Systems of Raleigh, North Carolina and donated to the Rotary Club of Lillington by the sponsors of this website. The original part of the display was erected by Harnett County employees Chris Johnson and Scott Guy, on Tuesday, April 3, 2012.

For information about the three enhanced drawings, click on the highlighted topics in this paragraph or go to the menu item “Image Gallery/illustrations of Don J. Long” and click on each of the following three sub-topics: ”Harnett Confronts Governor Tryon“, “Harnett Reading the Declaration of Independence” and “The Price of Leadership“. From there you will be referred to more detailed articles about actual events involving Cornelius Harnett under the menu item “Historically Important Events.”

Information about the three sections of the Display:

Section A.  This caption appears at the top of this section:

On the left of the large caption is the abbreviated signature used by Cornelius Harnett, a similar version of which appears in the “Image Gallery” under the subtitle “Signature of Cornelius Harnett” and which appears in context with an actual document signed by Harnett. On the right is one of the photographs of the Harnett Home, a version in possession of Sam Hummel. Both photographs of the home appear on the Web site in this “Image Gallery” as ”Pictures of Harnett’s Home.” The other version was taken from one in possession of Leo McDonald of Lillington.

Section B. This section of the display consists of the three framed and enhanced illustrations, together with narratives for each.  The following three illustrations were taken from a photograph by Professional photographer Dan Roberts of Lillington:

Information about the enhanced and framed illustrations can be found in subsections of ”Illustrations of Don J. Long” in the “Image Gallery” of this Web site. Narratives for the three illustrations have been extracted from a photograph of the memorial display by professional photographer Dan Roberts of Lillington. Left to right they are as follows:

Section C. This section is across the bottom of the display and consists of a panel that refers to Cornelius Harnett as “The Samuel Adams of North Carolina and shows the captions for three narratives:”

The three narratives, from left to right, are entitled “Community Leader”, “State Leader” and “National Leader” respectively, these being titles that indicate the breath of political involvement by Cornelius Harnett.

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