Petition of Mercy for Harnett

Sam Hummel, a sponsor of this site, prepared the Petition of Mercy shown above asking for the Release of Cornelius Harnett.  He  presented it to a group at Campbell University in 1985.  Forty-five persons in attendance  signed the mock petition at the end of his presentation.   This was part of a reenactment by Sam posing as a member of the local Wilmington militia seeking to free Cornelius Harnett from imprisonment in 1781.  Harnett had been captured by one Major Craig and was imprisoned in a blockhouse in Wilmington following a British invasion and occupation of the city.  Sam was dressed in a militia uniform of the local Wilmington military as he made his plea seeking support for the petition.  This was part of Sam’s continuing effort to revive the name and reputation of Cornelius Harnett.

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