The Cornelius

Above is a reprint of the Header for a newsletter for Harnett County Employees. The following information about this newsletter appears on page 1, Volume 1, Issue 1 of Harnett County’s Employee Newsletter, The Cornelius, dated May 2015:

“About this Newsletter:

“The Cornelius is Harnett County’s monthly employee newsletter.  The goal of this newsletter is to connect you, Harnett County’s employees, with one another, bring you interesting information on Harnett County’s history, familiarize you with all Harnett County has to offer its employees and citizens, and keep you informed of important information.  If there’s anything you would like to see in future editions of this newsletter, please send an email to”

Editor’s note:  For those of us who care deeply about Cornelius Harnett and the outstanding contribution that he has made to this state and nation, we proudly acknowledge that the publication of this newsletter is another outstanding commemorative to this outstanding patriot.

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