Cornelius Harnett (Town of Lillington)

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The above historical marker shown above was placed in Lillington by the Town of Lillington.  [The web site above states that it was placed by the Rotary Club of Lillington].  The marker is identical to state historical markers except that the emblem at the top is the emblem for the town.  The state had already placed a marker in Harnett’s hometown of Wilmington [shown on this Web site] and the state only permits one official state marker per person.

According to the Web site listed above the marker can be seen from US Highway 401 [also identified as W. Cornelius Harnett Boulevard] at the main entrance to the Harnett County Courthouse.  However, as of February 11, 2011 the marker has been removed, presumably because it was located in the expansion area of US Highway 421.

The photograph of the marker shown above was taken by Robert Cole on May 9, 2010.

The place of birth for Cornelius Harnett was stated on the Web site listed above as England.   According to historian R. D. W. Connor, a recognized authority on Harnett,  Cornelius Harnett was born in Chowan County, North Carolina in 1723.  His father was an immigrant to this country from Dublin, Ireland.  1.


1.  Connor, R. D. W. CORNELIUS HARNETT: AN ESSAY IN NORTH CAROLINA HISTORY. Raleigh, N. C. ; Edwards and Broughton Printing Compnay, 1909. 1-209. Print (& Web, digitized after copyright expired by Google at, p. 20.

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