The Colonial Town of Wilmington, 1771

The foregoing map appeared on a post card prepared by Miss Elizabeth McKoy.  The message that she prepared was on the back of the card and read as follows:


From a spirit of love for, and devotion to, her home city, Miss Elizabeth McKoy conceived and created this glamorous and unique model.  She spent months in research, study, and work to complete it.  Reportedly, there is no similar design anywhere else in the Country.

With a key explanation, as one looks up Market Street from the river (in the center of the model), first is noticed the many sailing vessels.  Then is observed the Market House.  Next, the Court House at the intersection with Front Street.  One sees the Town Hall and Fish Market combined, at the corner of Second Street.  The later headquarters of Lord Cornwallis, British Commander, is displayed at Third and Market.  At the corner of Fourth & Market is the original St. James Episcopal Church, built in 1751.

Comment:  This is where Cornelius Harnett served on the Town Council, attended church at St. James, and conducted his business.  This is the Town that he represented in the Colonial Assembly and later in the North Carolina Provincial Congress.

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