Illustrations of Don J. Long

This Web site contains a biography of Don J. Long under “Resources/Biographies.”  The last item below shows a minature version of the three enhanced drawings and gives dimensions of the drawings and other information.

The  drawings in black and white that follow are important historical events in which Harnett played a significant role.  Sam Hummel encouraged Greensboro History illustrator to compose the three black and white original sketches representing Cornelius Harnett during his life.  Sam and his wife Ann conveyed the originals to Grassroots Productions Ltd, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation interested in N. C. history.  This corporation retains ownership of the black and white originals.  For more about all three and Don Long see under this “Image Gallery” the  ”Enhanced Drawings of Don Long” .

Harnett Confronts Governor Tryon
Harnett Reading Declaration of Independence
The Price of Leadership
Three Drawings Enhanced.

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