The Hummel Project

Sponsor Sam Hummel and his wife Anne of Greensboro commissioned an oil painting to illustrate an event which shows the price Harnett paid for his leadership in the founding of our nation.  This oil painting has been completed.  All that remains is the selection of a place to display it.  In May of 1776 General Henry Clinton had issued a proclamation to pardon North Carolinians who would lay down arms and submit to British law.  Cornelius Harnett was one of two exceptions to that proclamation, making him a British outlaw.  The painting will illustrate the event after Harnett’s capture by the British.   It is based on a drawing by Don Long.  In it Harnett is shown bound hand and foot, “slung over the back of a horse like a sack of meal” 1 and paraded down the streets of Wilmington.  It adds to the Don Long illustration the young DeRossett boy who witnessed and recorded the scene.

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