Rich and Jay Calabrese


 Rich and Jay Calabrese are the team that produced the large Cornelius Harnett Memorial Display at the Harnett County Counthouse, the narrative for the “Dunlap Broadsides” that was added later and the smaller 4′ x 4′ version  of the Memorial Display.  These productions appear on this website.

 Rich is the graphics artist and Jay is the sign technician.  They work for Innovative Sign Systems, a full service sign center located in Raleigh at 123 E. Cabarrus Street.  The website for the company is

Rich and Jay are a father and son team who excel at finding ways to provide excellent productions at Innovative Sign Systems.  Their presentation at the Harnett County Courthouse in Lillington, North Carolina is a stunning example of their skill.  Daily, on court days, hundreds on their way to domestic, juvenile, criminal and civil trials in District Court  pass by and pause to view the memorial display on the second floor of the courthouse.  The display has met with great acclaim by the public and this almost universal response:  “Amazing.”

Rich, with over 25 years of experience in the field when the displays were prepared in 2012, has been with Innovative Sign Systems for eight years.  After a design consultation, he begins the creative process by offering the right design and material to create the right look for each sign.  He enjoys meeting people and working to satisfy them.  In his spare time he is a volunteer in the Holly Springs Community.

Jay has been with innovative signs for five years and produces the signs.  His speciality is banners, posters, and corregated signs.  He enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and son.  He enjoys engaging in sport activities.

Below is a photograph of Rich and Jay holding up the narrative for “The Dunlap Broadsides.”

Rich and Jay holding narrative for "The Dunlap Broadsides"

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