DeRosset Letter

Below is a link to the title page to the Annals of The DeRosset Family and a link to pages 30 and 31 containing a letter date August 25, 1775 from from Eliz. Cath. DeRosset to John Burgyn who was the owner of the Burgyn-Wright house in Wilmington, N. C., a home still in existence as of 2012.  The second and third paragraphs from the bottom of page 31 are interesting in that John Boyd and Adam Boyd are  mentioned.  The social fabric of Wilmington includes Cornelius Harnett and Adam Boyd, editor of the Mercury Newspaper.  On this date, August 25, 1775 the Third Provincial Congress was in Session. Mentioning what Cornelius Harnett could not be hanged for is both an interesting  and significant fact.  Harnett who had been head of the Committee of Safety in Wilmington was about to be named head of the Provincial Council, the top office in the rebel government when the Provincial Congress was not in session.

Click on the hyperlink below and it will take you to the title page and pages 30 and 31 of the DeRosset Annals.


The DeRosset family included Dr. Arman DeRosset who, as a 12 years old boy, witnessed the capture of Cornelius Harnett as he was paraded through the streets of Wilmington thrown over the back of a horse like a “sack of meal.”

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